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Cartridge Filter Operation

Cleaning/Removing Cartridge Element

NOTE: An indication that the filter needs cleaning is when the pressure gauge rises 5-7 PSI above its normal pressure.

1. Shut off the pump.

2. Close valves* (*optional: suction & return valves).

3. Open air relief valve.

4. Open drain plug (located at the base of the filter body).

5. Depress safety latches (located on the underside of the locking ring handles) and unscrew locking ring in         a counter-clockwise direction. Remove lid from filter body.

6. Lift out filter element and clean as instructed in “Preventative Maintenance” section of this manual.

Re-Installing Cartridge Element

1. Clean debris from bottom of filter tank.

2. Replace element evenly on the collector hub in bottom of the filter body.

3. Place lid evenly on filter body and turn Easy-Lok™ ring clockwise until the safety latches engage securely.

4. Close and secure drain plug (located at the base of filter body).

5. Proceed as in “Start-Up & Operation”.

Preventative Maintenance

Cleaning Cartridge Filter

NOTE: Clean the cartridge when filter canister pressure reaches 5-7 PSI above the initial system or new

cartridge starting pressure.

1. Remove the cartridge element from the filter housing following the directions in the “Cleaning/Removing

Cartridge Element” section above.

2. Pressure wash the cartridge element inside and out with the Hayward Jet-action Cleaning Wand (EC2024) or

a garden hose with a high-pressure nozzle. Work from top-down, holding the nozzle at a 45-degree angle.

Rinse until all dirt and debris are gone. Brush pleated surface areas and allow to dry.