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D.E. Filter operation


Close the filter drain and the vent valve. Caution: All suction and discharge valves must be open when starting the pump. Failure to do so could cause severe personal injury

and/or property damage.

Prime and start the pump following the manufacturer’s instructions. Air trapped in the system will automatically vent to the pool. When there is a steady flow of water returning to the pool, the filter is ready for precoating. DO NOT operate the filter for more than one minute without the precoat charge.


Scoop 4 lbs. of diatomite into the system through the skimmer as fast as the plumbing will take it. Note and record the pressure gauge reading after the diatomite has been added. This is the “precoat pressure.”


Filtration starts as soon as the filter has been precoated. As the filter removes dirt from the pool water, the accumulated dirt causes a resistance to flow. As a result, the gauge pressure will rise and flow will decrease. When the pressure rises 7-10 psi above the precoat pressure, regenerate the filter.

REGENERATION (Extending the Cycle)

Stop the pump. Move the bump handle down slowly, then up briskly. Repeat 3 times. Restart the pump and filtration will resume at near the original flow and pressure. After each regeneration, and until the filter is cleaned, there may be a slight increase in the starting pressure. This is the result of dirt accumulating within the filter and is completely normal.


Cleaning is recommended when the gauge pressure rises more than 10 psi in less than a 24 hour period or when cloudy water returns to the pool for more than 30 seconds after regeneration. To clean, first stop the pump, then move the bump handle down slowly, then up briskly. Repeat 8 times. Open the filter drain and open the vent valve (Note: if the filter is installed below the pool water line, close the suction and return valves) and allow water and dirt to empty completely. After the filter has drained, and with the drain still open, run the pump for a few seconds to flush out any dirt remaining in the bottom of the filter. (Note: If the filter is installed below the pool water line, opening the suction valve for a few seconds with the pump off will adequately flush the unit.) Close the filter drain and the vent valve. Open the suction and return valves (when used). Start the pump and let the filter fill with water and repeat the CLEANING procedure. This completes the cleaning phase. The filter is now ready for recharging. Proceed as in STARTING THE FILTER and PRECOATING.


Vacuuming can be performed directly into the filter whenever needed. For fastest results, regenerate the filter before and after each vacuuming operation.