4. Per Inch                                                 This type of service you are billed for the amount of snow we get per snow event and salt and calcium are billed separate.

Floyd Contracting Inc. Snow Removal

1.Per Hour/Per Truck                           You will only be billed for the time we spend on your site and the amount of salt or calcium used.                                                               

Floyd Contracting Inc. offers  4  Different  pricing options                                                                                                                     


2. Per Season                                         This Type of pricing usually includes a three year contract  since it is based on the average number of snow falls during a three year period. With this type of pricing you pay a set amount for each year no matter how much snow or ice  we get.

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3. Per Push                                              This type of service you are only billed per visit when we come to plow the site. Usually "pushed" every 2-4 inches and salt and calcium are billed separate.