Above Ground Pool Installation

Floyd Contracting Inc.'s professional foreman or qualified excavator will lay the pool site out with you upon arrival. Advise them if there are any setbacks or regulations from the county or township. They will measure the ground using a transit for an exact measurement. At this time you will be advised if there will be any additional costs in connection with ground leveling. Please have a site designated for unusable materials such as grass, rocks, roots, ect. We do not haul these unusable materials away from the site. 

We can use your existing pool site. Additional charges may apply if matching to an existing deck or if the pool is sunk in the ground.

Pool Assembly:

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Site Excavation:

Long Buttrace

Pool Location:

Liner Types:

Replacement Pool:

If you have a pool like this Sea Isle we can get repair parts to make your pool like new again.


Pool Vacuuming :


How to Operate your Filter:

Feel confident that you are hiring trained, experienced professionals at Floyd Contracting Inc. We have the experience to build your pool with the quality you deserve and expect from professional installers. We'll provide you a level pool properly measured with a hand troweled base for a smooth liner. We will assemble your filter and make all connections to your pool. Upon completion we will explain the operation and maintenance of your pool and filter. Floyd Contracting Inc. will provide patio block for your pool and filter. We do not assemble ladders unless they are part of a deck package.

Over the wall or Overlap liner

 You will need to pick a location which will follow your county or township's setbacks and codes. You may also want to consider future plans like a deck or patio, which may effect the filter location.                                                                

"J" Hook or Uni-Bead Liner

Buttrace Types:

                                          Installation Information                                                                                                    You will need to apply for a permit. Most counties or townships will have the phone number in your local phone book look under: Planning & Zoning. They will be able to tell you what the pool setbacks and codes are for your area.

Short or Buttraceless Pool 

Inground pools and Liner replacements

Floyd Contracting Inc. Swimming Pool Installation

Beaded Liner