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Floyd Contracting Inc. Basement Waterproofing

                                                                                                  Your home is your most valuable asset... each home and basement is different. Your foundation may be feildstone, mono pour, block or concrete walls. All experts agree that the most common water entry points the floor wall joint, wall cracks, floor cracks, and down the walls creating wet basement problems. Because of the eventual build up of water pressure against the foundation, even the smallest leak can lead to a flooded basement, potentially costing thousands of dollars in repairs and mold and mildew remediation. It's better for your house, and your family's health if you take care of this potentially dangerous problem before it gets out of control. Our dedicated research and development team has created innovative basement waterproofing solutions to keep your basement  dry as efficiently as possible. No matter what the basement problem, from basement leaks, to sump pump installation, and flooding repair, we have the solution.


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